Short-Term Teams

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So you have one life to lead.

Some come to the end of their lives, regretting a risk-free, predictable life.

Others come to the end of their lives, fulfilled by their response to God’s calling.

Which will you choose?

China is truly a world of its own, coloured by culture, history and change – it has been heralded into the 21st century as the world’s “newest superpower”. But like any other nation, China is a place where the plethora of needs is quickly outnumbering its population. Deep spiritual hunger is the mark etched across every heart, every city, and every terrain.

We at CCSM are committed to responding to this hunger by serving, strengthening and supporting the church and people of China. As the needs have increased, our on the ground response has evolved to cover a whole range of unique ministries.

And you too have a part to play in that.

CCSM short-term teams give ordinary, willing people like you the chance to further God’s Kingdom in China. Accompanied by our experienced leaders, you’ll spend two to three weeks serving with your chosen team. That’s enough time for you to discover the heart of God for China, and enough time to play your part.

We have Mercy teams in the orphanages, English Cultural Exchange teams in the schools, Intercessory teams in the cities & mountains, Impact! Cycle China teams in the villages, and plenty of other active ministries… all of which are waiting for you.

“And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard?” Romans 10:14

Don’t miss your chance to respond to God’s call.

Find out more about the following short-term teams:

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