China School of Missions

CCSM is making a difference in China through the China School of Missions.

You have probably heard of the ‘Back to Jerusalem’ movement – a plan for the Chinese church to reach the nations between China and Jerusalem with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order for this movement to be successful, the church in China needs training, particularly in cross-cultural outreach. So we in CCSM are playing our part in this.

In 2009, we started the China School of Missions (CSM). “We want to equip many of God’s children in China so that when they go out on to the field, they are not ignorant and ill-equipped, but well-prepared. And we also strongly encourage local churches in China to support those who go out on mission, so that the workers are not lone rangers, but can work together with the church to fulfil the Great Commission,” shares Pastor Jack, Dean of the CSM and himself a Chinese pastor.

The school consists of four months of classroom training when students get to hear from a variety of teachers, both in person and on DVD. Topics covered include learning to serve, coping with cross-cultural challenges, understanding other religions, spiritual transformation, and strategy for mission. At the end of the four months, the students go out to serve in cross-cultural field-work for eight to ten months. Most will serve amongst the minority peoples of China.

Another CSM co-worker explains more:

“A few years ago, overseas churches were often talking about the fact that the Chinese Church had a responsibility to bring the Gospel back to Jerusalem. But when we started training the Chinese churches and the brothers and sisters in China, we found that they have the same needs as their brothers and sisters overseas.

Firstly, our Chinese brothers and sisters need to understand the importance of cross-cultural mission.

Secondly, the Chinese church needs to be taught how to support the missionaries that they send out, how to pray for them and how to support them financially and practically.

Thirdly, our Chinese brothers and sisters need to understand that cross-cultural mission means working in another language and another culture, walking with the Lord and thus not being afraid of new situations or of new languages.”

After completion of the CSM, some of the graduates stay to continue serving amongst minority peoples, while others go back to serve in their churches. Either way, the graduates say their eyes have been opened and their lives transformed. They now serve in a different way!

Here’s some of what the CSM students have to say:

“I thank God that there’s a programme like this to train and equip us to go out to serve the Lord. As I studied the courses, I realised that previously I had only a very shallow understanding. I only valued service in the church and I wasn’t aware of the needs of non-believers outside the church. There is now one sentence carved on my heart: ‘The need outside the church is much bigger than the need inside.’” 

“This was the first time I’d received training in mission. Now I have a new understanding. The programme taught me what God wants to do in the last days and also how I as a child of God should do the Lord’s work. Now, my understanding of mission has expanded!”

“This training programme has been helpful to me. I have a better understanding and knowledge of mission.

Next I will go to a Tibetan area for my placement to serve the Tibetan orphans. I am so excited and I look forward to it.”

“If I want souls to be saved, then I have to go out; if I don’t go out, then the gospel can’t be spread. So, I have to go to serve the Lord. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to go to a Muslim area for my placement.” 

Please remember all the students in your prayers.