How can I pray for China?

Public Amenity Revolution

If “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, as the old adage goes, then China is fast becoming a more divine nation. Anyone who has travelled extensively in China will be able to recall the horrors of the public toilets they endured.  Drinking as little water as possible while on bus trips was a major challenge on […]

Wa Minority

Every now and again we hear stories of God moving divinely to bring the gospel to unreached groups. One such story is of an American Baptist missionary who was posted to the Shan territory in Burma (now Myanmar) in the late 1880s. His name was William Marcus Young and he prayed fervently for a large […]

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How can I serve in China?

Short-Term Teams

Jesus has called every one of His disciples to be involved in mission in one way or another. Have you ever thought about the opportunities for you yourself to be involved?

Help Wanted

CCSM has the following opportunities available for those with suitable gifts and skills. We live in an electronic age, which makes geographical locations less important. Join our team and serve China with us!

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How can I give to China?

Printing Ministry

How many Christian books have you read since you became a Christian? Can you imagine how your spiritual maturity would have been affected without them? And imagine if your pastor did not have any Christian books either. That is the situation for many Christian believers in China.

Mercy Ministry

The Bible says that God’s nature is: “One who cares for the afflicted and desires justice for the poor.” This is the type of care that CCSM’s mercy ministry seeks to provide. We want to bring love, hope and justice for those whose voice is small. You can stand with us in that.

Give to CCSM

Giving to CCSM is easy…

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